Moving Lives

Moving Lives

5 x 9 minute documentaries (and 1 x 3 minute intro film)

In the last 20 years Ireland has gone from a country with virtually no immigration to a nation where an estimated 15% of the population now originate from another country.

This series of short films made for a leading NGO in Ireland highlights some of the key issues that recent migrants have faced. Stories of abusive relationships, living without legal status, family separation, people trafficking and everyday racism give a glimpse into the reality of many migrants lives. But behind each of these stories are also very universal emotions and aspirations. Making a livelihood, falling in love, having children, starting over;  anguish, hope, love and courage.

Each film is narrated by the individual/s it features and depicts their everyday life in the country they now call home.

Please watch the 5 films above. (Use headphones and play full screen for optimum viewing experience)

Key Pictures was commissioned to make these films (along with a series of documentary photography and video interviews) for a project produced by Counterpoints Arts about the work of The Immigrant Council of Ireland. Funded by The Atlantic Philanthropies.
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