Sisters of the Blood Feud

Sisters of the Blood Feud

1 x 25 minute documentary for Al Jazeera English ‘Witness’

Three years ago Beta’s brother killed another boy in her village in northern Albania triggering a blood vendetta against her family.

Whilst her brother was sent to prison by the Albanian courts, the threat of revenge against the family remains due to widespread belief in a 15th century code known as the ‘Kanun’. This alternative justice system maintains murder must be avenged in order to restore family honour.

After the murder, Beta’s father fled to London where he hopes to seek asylum, leaving Beta and her sister confined to the family home for their protection.

She’s growing increasingly frustrated by her restricted movements, which has also prevented her going to school. The only hope now is that her father will be granted asylum and she and her sister can escape their own prison sentence.

Producer / Director / Camera / Location Sound
Simon Hipkins

Associate Producer / Research
Dominic Hipkins

Translator / Production Assistant
Stela Kurtaj

Transcriptions / Translations
Ejona Qosja
Stela Kurtaj
Bora Luli

Mariko Montpetit
Simon Hipkins

Music and Sound Mix
David McAulay

Special thanks
The Kalaj Family
Sytki Brahimi
Nikolle Shullani
Rifat Hoxhaj

Senior Producer for Al Jazeera English
Aloke Devichand

Commissioning Editor / Executive Producer for Al Jazeera English
Fiona Lawson-Baker

A Key Pictures Production for Al Jazeera English © 2017.